5 Reasons Why
Light+Magik is More Than
Just an Accessory

1. Customisable

Light+Magik jewellery can be customised, resulting in a unique gift for someone special. You can choose colours, designs, and even include messages. Contact us for more details

2. Eco friendly

Light+Magik jewellery is made with sustainability in mind, with all materials sourced in the UK. It is also free of harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), solvents, and toxic materials. It’s vegan friendly too!

3. Hand crafted

Each component of Light+Magik jewellery is custom made, designed and assembled by hand. The piece of jewellery you choose will be as unique as the person wearing it. Can you read the writing on the edges of the pieces?

4. Fun

There’s more to Light+Magik jewellery than you can see at first glance. For example, anything with ‘Isotope’ in the name glows in the dark!

5. Meaningful

Light+Magik jewellery designs have a story behind them and are deeply personal. Click here to learn more about where these designs come from

I’ve seen the Light!
Now where’s the Magik?

What’s Dichroic Film?

Dichroic film is a very thin film made up of lots of layers. When light hits the film, some of it bounces off the top layer, and some of it goes through and bounces off the next layer, and so on. Like rainbows in a soap bubble, when these rays meet, they interfere with each other and create different colours

But that’s not all: the colours you see can change depending on the angle you’re looking at the film or the angle of the light hitting it. That’s why dichroic film changes colour when you move it around. It’s all because of how the light is interacting between the layers of the film

At Light+Magik we use two types of Dichroic film: Hot/Fire, which reflects warm colours, and Cool/Ice, which reflects cool colours. Curiously, the light that passes through the film works in reverse, revealing a complementary palette. Some of our jewellery uses both types of film together, and are thus labelled Dual Dichroic

What’s Decay/Half-Decay?

This refers to our pieces where all or some of the mirrored surfaces are adorned with a filigree pattern, featuring an intricate, lace-like arrangement of geometric holes.

For example, the glowing Green Carbon pendant in the image above would have half-decay in its name to indicate that half of the mirrors are decorated with holes

What does Isotope Mean?

This is our name for pieces containing special materials, typically a blend of Strontium Aluminate and Zinc Sulfide, which react to ultraviolet light and glow in the dark. These are especially popular with clubbers, festival-goers, and anyone who loves all things glow-in-the-dark!

The Carbon pendant above would have Isotope in its name to indicate that it contains glowing elements

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